Friday, September 11, 2009

What are you up to now?

Julia Ka'iulani Nelson

REU '03

Mentor: Kristina Stinson

Project: Effects of soil disturbance and mowing on demographic structure and seedling performance in garlic mustard (Allaria petiolata) populations

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
College and major: Stanford University, Anthropological Sciences/Archaeology, class of 2004

What you miss most about the REU program:
Too many things! Mostly the wonderful people I met there, but also being out in the field. Harvard Forest is beautiful!

What you miss least about the REU program:
Absolutely nothing! I miss it all.

What about the REU program has stuck with you:
It strengthened my skills in scientific inquiry, also my commitment to environmental issues and forestry.

Have you stayed in touch with other REU students?:
Yes - I occasionally see people with the program and keep in touch via email.

Whether your REU experience supported or changed your career plans:
Completely supported them; provided scientific depth to my experience; I went back to take an ecology course at school and that scientific background helps in my current work.

What you're up to now:
I currently co-manage the mining practice at Business for Social Responsibility, a global nonprofit business association that works with companies to improve their social and environmental practices. I spend quite a bit of time working with companies on climate change, community development, and community consultation. I've co-facilitated a major international initiative to improve labor and environmental conditions in the electronics supply chain, and worked on the ground for mining, oil & gas companies around the world. Next I'm interested in exploring conflict resolution around natural resources.

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