Friday, September 18, 2009

What are you up to now?

Rob Hanifin
REU '04

Project: First year reproductive responses of two forest herbs to experimental soil warming

Hometown: Deptford, NJ
College and major: Dickinson College, Biology/Environmental Science, class of '06

What you miss most about the REU program:
Tim's food. Interacting and working with so many interesting people, from a variety of backgrounds, studying different but interesting and relevant topics.

What you miss least about the REU program:
Four of us rooming together in the same room.

What about the REU program has stuck with you:
That there are many intelligent contemporaries interested in ecological research.

Have you stayed in touch with other REU students?:
A couple now and again. Not very often though.

Whether your REU experience supported or changed your career plans:
I was interested in research, and continued to follow that same path. Since then, I've veered slightly.

What you're up to now:
Activities since college graduation (Spring 2006):
May 2006 - August 2007 - research assistant, MBL soil warming projects at Harvard Forest
Oct-Dec 2007 - Part time and nightshifts in neuroscience lab at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.
Nov-Dec 2007 - worked on a UPS delivery truck
January 2008 - present: USDA-ARS, Davis, CA. I work for a USDA researcher who is based in the Viticulture and Enology Dept. at UC Davis. We study how vineyard soil chemistry inpacts grape quality and quantity, vineyard soil/plant water relations, and few other odds and ends.

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