Friday, September 11, 2009

What are you up to now?

Jennifer Popham
REU '09

Mentor: Ed Faison

Project: Seedling & Sapling Composition Influences Browsing Intensity of Ungulates in Massachusetts (abstract)

Hometown: Gardner, MA
College and major: University of Massachusetts, Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation, class of 2010

What you miss most about the REU program:
I miss the people I worked with and spending every day outdoors in the woods.

What you miss least about the REU program:
Getting soaked in the field on rainy days wasn't fun.

What about the REU program has stuck with you:
The friendships I made and the memories of seeing moose and being chased by a bear.

Have you stayed in touch with other REUers?:
Yes, some of us have continued to communicate regularly online.

Whether your REU experience supported or changed your career plans:
The experience I got will definitely help me down the road. The program also confirmed that I will enjoy being a park ranger more than a scientist conducting my own research, which is great to find out sooner than later.

What you're up to now:
I am in my senior year, planning to graduate in May 2010. I hope to secure a job with the National Park Service for next summer.

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